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We acquire, operate and grow profitable businesses

We offer business owners an exit tailored to your needs while preserving your legacy for the long term

What we offer


Full or partial cash exit for business owners


Preserving legacy for employees and customers


Dedicated CEO taking over post acquisition


Flexible deal terms tailored to your needs


Capital availability and rapid transition

Who we are

We are a group of entrepreneurs and investors with a common objective to acquire and operate great private companies to lead them through their next phase of growth. In addition to capital, we bring a wealth of experience in investing in and managing businesses in a wide range of industries and geographies.


The team is led by Julien Mizrachi who will eventually take on the CEO role in the acquired company. Julien holds an executive role in Ashington Capital, managing the day to day activities of the company.

Julien Mizrachi is a seasoned professional with a diverse experience combining industry, management consulting and entrepreneurship. He originally trained and worked as an aerospace engineer before transitioning to business after his MBA at INSEAD. Some of his achievements include launching more than 30 satellites into orbit, advising C-level executives in a wide range of geographies and industries, and crossing the Atlantic on his own competing in a solo-sailing regatta.

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Julien Mizrachi is supported by a team of associates actively involved in all stages of the acquisition process :

Linda Della_edited.jpg

Linda Della

Teresa Gomes_edited.jpg

Teresa Gomes

Yenli Chen_edited.jpg

Yenli Chen

Andrew Watson_edited.jpg

Andrew Watson

Tanmay Datta_edited.jpg

Tanmay Datta

Ricardo Guerrero_edited.jpg

Ricardo Guerrero


Ethos Partners


Istria Capital

Itaca Capital.png

Itaca Capital

Turtle Capital.jpeg

Turtle Capital

Jose Martin Cabiedes_edited_edited.jpg

José Martín Cabiedes

Alexander Schuil_edited_edited.jpg

Alexander Schuil

Yves Warnant_edited_edited.jpg

Yves Warnant

Pierre Paul Benoit_edited_edited.jpg

Pierre-Paul Benoit

Arca Mora_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Arca Mora

Ashington Capital is funded by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and investors actively involved in selecting and acquiring the best company :

What we look for


Enduringly profitable business


£1M to £5M EBITDA

>15% EBITDA margin


Recurring revenue and cash generation


Low customer concentration


Growth potential

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+44 7467 598805

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